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Intentional living University curates the world’s best life-transforming courses, trainings, seminars, books and personal coaching to allow you to consciously nurture the 8 dimensions of wellness and become the master of yourself, your life, and your future.




What People Can Expect
From Our Courses

  • World Class Content at the leading edge of human happiness and performance
  • Courses and content to meet you exactly where you are at on your wellness journey
  • Tangible and practical skills that can be applied to your life immediately
  • Ability to customize course material and experiences for your specific individual, group, or business needs
  • Clarity on your "why" and strategies to bring about things you want more of in life

"Dan gives practical advice in a high energy and high engaging presentation. I have seen him transform rooms of elementary students to senior citizens. Everyone is sure to leave on a high with a smile and a view from their rocking chair"

Tom Krause
Director of Personnel and Employee Growth Pulaski Community School District

"I’ve been fortunate to work with Matt for the last year as it relates to a business that I started 8 years ago. His experience in business and leadership gave me tangible tools and strategies to execute on whatever I decided. Every time I left a meeting with Matt, I left feeling more empowered, capable, and motivated to get to work. He’s guided me through some potentially life-changing decisions and I couldn’t be more grateful for having the opportunity to call him a mentor and a friend"

"This was one of the best classes! I will benefit greatly as a teacher and parent. Mr. Kidd provided much enthusiasm for our engagement and learning. He also provided us with practical ways to use this information. Thanks!"

"This class exceeded my expectations. Thank you so much you have no idea how much this little 2 day class has affected my confidence in my beliefs in creating relationships with students."

"Loved the class!"

"Tom - I enjoyed how motivated you were and that you lived the content you taught. Fun, interesting and informative. I will use this information."

"This was an awesome class. I am going to recommend it to all the staff in my building"

"Matt is the best! His common sense approach to total body and mind health has improved my life in many ways. I have tried just about everything on the market to lose weight and feel better. With his guidance my focus is now on overall, long-term health and wellness. I feel free from the restrictions that I struggled with on other diets and programs. His expertise and knowledge, geared specifically to me have greatly improved my mobility and feeling of well-being. Matt is a great coach and a compassionate person; I highly recommend him to anyone, at any age."

Chari S. Senior
Vice President - Associated Bank

"Dan is one of the best if not THE BEST speaker I have had at our events! Dan is very innovative and gages his presentation based on his audience in present time rather than a canned presentation! I have been utilizing speakers for over 20 years and was very pleased with his professionalism before and during the event!"

Kathy Klein
R.N. Community Relations and Foundation Director Flambeau Hospital

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